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2 Hour HIV/AIDS Continuing Education Course

Florida barbers must complete a 2-hour continuing education HIV/AIDS course every other year. Take your class here.
    Topics discussed in the HIV/AIDS class include:
  • Modes of transmission.
  • Infection control procedures.
  • Clinical management.
  • Prevention.
  • Attitudes and appropriate behavior when working with clients.
  • Methods of HIV testing and treatment.
  • Life with HIV/AIDS.
  • Florida law and its impact on testing, confidentiality of test results, and treatment.
  • HIV counseling and testing.
  • Reporting of test results.
  • Offering testing to pregnant women.
  • Partner notification issues.
  • Other communicable diseases.

2 Hour HIV/AIDS Initial Licensure Course

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  • Applicants seeking to acquire a barber license for the first time must complete a 2-hour HIV/AIDS course for initial barber licensure. Take your 2-hour class here.
  • Applicants from out of state seeking a Florida barber endorsement license must complete a 2-hour HIV/AIDs course. Take your 2-hour class here.